2009 International Chocolate Salon

The Chakra Box

Chocoveda launched their first product at the 2009 International Chocolate Salon in Los Angeles.

After 2 years of formulating, researching and designing, we finally launched the Chakra Box! It was the first time that many people got a chance to experience it. There must've been close to 5000 people that moved though there throughout the day. The responses were so encouraging, inspiring, and even hilarious at times. We had so much fun playing the "chakra card game." We would ask anyone who came up to our table to pick a card out of a mixed deck of all the 7 chakras. Each card also correlated to a particular chakra truffle and had its own mantra, or positive affirmation, on it. Because it's so hard to decide on which flavor to try first, we figured we can help everyone out by letting the truffle choose them. They got the truffle and they got to keep their card with their mantra on it. We can't tell you how many times we got the response, "That's the one I really wanted/needed anyway!"

The Chakra Box won the following awards that day:

  • Best New Product
  • Most Artistic Designs
  • Most Luxurious Chocolate Experience
  • Best Flavored Chocolate
  • Best Presentation & Packaging
  • Most Delicious Ingredient Combinations
  • Best Gift Set
  • I'd say were off to great start!

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