"Chocoveda truffles surpassed every expectation I have ever encountered in the world of chocolates. I have traveled several countries in Europe tasting their best chocolates, and finally after years of searching, a local chocolate maker has found a way to deliver more than taste, but a chocolate experience you will never forget." - Julie Brouillard

"A decadent, smooth, tasty truffle. It's original design, texture, and aura is what separates's these chocolates from all others. Just the idea that it is made from natural, organic, and pure ingredients entices me to have more than just one." - Vicky Sokol

"I’m very finicky about chocolate, but, wow, these truffles are incredible! Dark succulent chocolate with a healing herbal tonic, and unique flavors sends me to another world. To think something so delectable is made from a loving spirit... results are therapeutic." -Chris Connolly

"If I had to sum it up...Chocoveda makes me happy. It is rich yet not overbearing. You can tell just by tasting each truffle that they are made with the finest ingredients and each respective flavor gives character and personality to each piece. I'll say this: it's the first time I have ever liked a dessert enough to write about it." -Diana Aizman

"Loved it. It was like a little bite of happiness." - David Pokras

"You are going to flip when you eat a piece of chocolate from Chocoveda, it's seriously the most delecious chocolate i've ever had, and the fact that it's made with Ayurvedic herbs and a lot of awareness will make you an instant fan...enjoy!!!' -Travis Elliot

"Chocoveda chocolates are divine. The homemade touch adds the perfect amount of organic love that every chocolate lover appreciates!" -Danielle Hastie

"It's delicious, and I've never been a big dessert, sweet or chocolate fan. They're smooth, creamy and very subtle. The chocolate is not overwhelming. I love that you infuse herbs, teas, and other flavors in with the chocolate to make it unique. Your chocolates have enough chocolate & sweetness to satisfy any cravings with an ending of contentment." -Mikey Foxman

"You know you've tasted something special when you find yourself remembering the feeling and craving the taste in your mouth even days after. You'll even take a look through your purse as you are driving, to feel for the box in hopes to find that one last piece, only to be left with the a feeling of disappointment, when you realize its empty because you've devoured all its contents the first time you laid your fingers on those little pleasures I call, Chocoveda chocolate truffles." -Yana Galuz

"Julia's chocolates are the picture of balance: their truffle decadence satisfies my sweet craving & the all vegan ingredients keep my digestion as well as my conscience calm. I feel really good about giving them to my most sensitive and particular friends." - Jennie Erke

"I love the flavors and how fresh they taste." - Michelle Dragin